What makes Florida’s sun shine brighter?



With amazing weather and so much to do, every weekend in Florida can feel like a vacation. To prove that Floridians truly have the best weekends, we’re featuring Share a Little Sunshine community members on their weekend vacations.

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Our #LoveFL community is made up of Floridians on a mission to explore and share everything this great state has to offer. All that sharing deserves a shout out. Check back every couple of weeks for our latest featured fan.

Madeleine Luis

Miami, FL


“Summer fun in Florida never ends.”

With every #LoveFL photo, Madeleine beautifully captures the colors of Florida. Her Instagram feed is full of bright blue-green waters, golden sunrises and pink sunsets. Plus, she highlights the many textures — from sand to cyprus — that make up the diverse landscape of our state. 

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